Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, resigned on Thursday as the leader of Conservative Party.

He stated that he would remain as Prime Minister while the party chooses a new leader 

The country will not have to go to the polls again, considering that the Conservative Party won last year's election 

by a wide margin. Instead, next week, the 1922 Committee, which is made up of a few Conservative legislators 

will decide the rules for a new leadership contest. This will allow Johnson to be replaced from the remaining 350 Conservative 

The winner of the contest by the Conservative Party will become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom under 

Johnson was the clear leader in the similar process of 2019. Already, some of his long-time friends and foes have expressed 

These are the people who, based on their popularity, experience, or expressions of curiosity could compete for the title of next

British prime minister within the coming weeks and months. interest in running for the top political office in the country.