After a manual reset of streaming ratios,' Singer breaks multiple records with Stranger Things' revived hit

Kate Bush broke three UK chart records, reaching No. 1.

It's No. 4 on the BIllboard Singles Chart in the USA.

Bush, the oldest UK woman to be at the top of the singles charts, is also the longest it has taken for a song to reach No 1.

Bush has also the longest gap between No. 1 singles with 44 years.

Bush, , stated "So many young people love the show [are] discovering this song for the very first time."

"The response to Running Up That Hill has been a source of energy and determination.

There is a direct relationship between the shows, their audience, and one that transcends the music industry.

"We've all been stunned to see the song explode!"

She currently ranks No 4 in the US, her highest ever placing.