Kestra Advisory Services LLC increased its holdings of FedEx Co. ( NYSE.FDX – Get Rating ) by 16.2% in the first

quarter according to its most recent Form 13F filing with Securities & Exchange Commission. After purchasing 

additional 4,220 shares in the quarter, the institutional investor owned 30,207 shares. According to the most 

According to the most recent SEC filing, Kestra Advisory Services LLC had $6,990,000.

Hedge funds and other institutional investors have also made changes in their positions in the company.

During the fourth quarter, Lincoln National Corp increased its FedEx position by 0.5%. Lincoln National

Corp now holds 7,870 shares of FedEx stock, which is worth $23,036,000. It also bought 42 additional shares during 

the quarter. GYL Financial Synergies LLC raised its FedEx share position by 2.5% during the fourth quarter. GYL Financial 

 Synergies LLC now holds 1,746 shares in the stock of the shipping company, which is valued at $452,000.

It also acquired 42 additional shares during the quarter. GFG Capital LLC increased its FedEx holdings by 3.8%