Every year, the USA celebrates National 7-Eleven Day (also known as Free Slurpee Day) on July 11. This day

commemorates the founding of America's largest convenience store chain. All 7-Eleven stores across the 

country will give away free slurpees, their most popular beverage, to celebrate the occasion. The 7-Eleven slurpee

a frozen carbonated beverage that is distinctive in its own right, can be found at all seven stores.

Convenience store chain Tote'm Sores was established in 1927 as an icehouse shopfront. Ito-Yokado, 

Japanese affiliate, purchased 70 percent of Tome'm Eleven's stock in 1991. The company's name was changed into

7-Eleven. National 7-Eleven Day was first celebrated in 2002 when 7-Eleven began distributing the iconic drink 

Omar Knedlik accidentally discovered the drink in the late 1950s. Knedlik kept his sodas cool in the freezer after the

soda fountain he owned was shut down. The soda became slushy, and customers loved it. Knedlik called the soda